No Ban List Modern MTG

Welcome to the home of “No Ban List Modern” (NBLM). No Ban List Modern is a powerful format. It includes every card printed in Modern (since 8th Edition back in 2011), but ignores the ban list that Wizards have created to keep the power level down. As a result, we get all the joys of a deep card pool, and all the power that Wizards don’t want us to have!

NBLM has probably been played at kitchen tables and local stores since the beginning of Modern (or near to it). For kitchen table magic, it simply states “don’t worry about the ban list”. People can rummage through their collection, build a deck, and play it. As it’s just for the kitchen table, it doesn’t generally lead to degenerate power levels (at least, our kitchen table didn’t). Instead, people just brew something fun and hope to compete.

The first real competitive No Ban List Modern took place when StarCity Games added it to their schedule. It was a 1-off event in the summer of 2018. You can see the results here:


That’s far from kitchen table magic! And we think that’s pretty great!

There are two main benefits to playing NBLM. First, is that it’s mostly an unsolved format, since it’s had so little air time. Secondly, you can create something that suits your playstyle. You are not restricted to a couple of decks, many exist and can be competitive.

So follow the links along the top/bottom of the website, and come enjoy a world with powerful cards, and some (not-so) powerful and friendly players.

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